About me and this blog

Family legend has it you could hear me before I came out of my mother’s belly … which is fitting, because family stories are exactly what I work with the most in my creative life. After working intensely with my own stories for the album Dreams & Ghosts, I wanted to start a blog that explores the meaning of family stories in other people’s lives and around the world.

To start, I will post a question each week that gets at the theme of one of the songs included on the album – we’re talking themes that are universal to most families. You’ll be able to listen to the song, read the lyrics, and I encourage you to share your own story, however you see fit. You’re welcome to remain anonymous – or not – and to send photo / video – or not. I’ll try to post inspirational stories, writing exercises, and images to spark your creative spirit along the way.

Thanks for taking a moment to check out this blog. If you’re more interested in the music, you can hop on over to my music website: www.averyhilltunes.com


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